Thursday, September 18, 2008

Hot Rod

Here I am with my 57 Chevy before I customized her. She was built by a huge black body builder by the name of Warren Little, ironic, huh? She had a 1970 Corvette LT1 mill backed by a built Turbo 400, she hauled ass, but the motor mounts would always break, it had the front side mounts and one tranny mount at the rear only. I eventually put in some side mounts at the rear of the tranny. She was a wheel bearing eater too with those deep dish Cragars up front, I changed 'em to late model tapered bearings. I put so many miles on this car I can't even remember. It had an 8-track in it which I had a Kraco cassette adapter so I could listen to The Cramps, Black Flag and Flat Duo Jets, there's video of this from back then, I just gotta find it.

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