Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Party inside and outside of ones pants

The story is a long one.


Cap'n Cornhole said...

Long live Eddie L. and the crazy Helloween parties that went down in that muthafucking place. I was sure fried in there one time on Working Class Pig acid Charlie from Target Earth was pushing all over the place. I ended up trippin balls on some 10 foot tall drag queen dressed like a peacock. There are pix somewhere floatin around of that. Those were the days. Old skool Borelando, fer sure.

Nads said...

Cap'n, 'ol Lindgren was a badass, he threw parties that brought the world together in a mass of utter stupidity and excess.
Long live Eddie and death to dullness.

Cap'n Cornhole said...

And damned if I don't remember that infamous desecration well. I should have known who was behind it all along. Mystery solved. Sheeeeyt, that had to be '88 or '89. Nadsky, you shall burn in eternal damnation.