Friday, January 2, 2009


The very first time I rode in a hot rod was in this car. It was 1977 and it was at the Blackpool custom car show, I saw it there and it was for sale. I forgot who built the car but the body was hand beaten out of steel, it isn't fiberglass nor a real Ford model T.
When I got home I heard a La Cucaracha air horn and saw the beast come around the bend and my next door neighbor, Keith McCormick was at the wheel, I was soooo jealous, that damn Mazda dealer had bought it. He knew I was into hot rods and took my 16 year old punk ass for a ride in it, I was beyond stoked, it was like an entire universe had opened up, the high revving 283, the massive Firstone Indys on the back trying to find traction on the sandy seaside roads, the metalflake and slot mags, white VHT coated headers, all of it permanently etched into my mind, no, not etched, laser burned an inch deep, forever and ever.
The car's for sale in England how I wish I could get it.

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