Friday, May 22, 2009


for me to know and for you to find out.
I hung out with a young kid tonight and traipsied all over downtown, I was intrigued, but with the baggage of years of living I was left in a state of nothingness.
I wish I could have said, "been there, done that" but all I felt was cheated, like I missed out on something, or knew too much.
I felt like I was there without being there, in hipster purgatory with greying eyebrows and wrinkles that go on until the ends of the Florida turnpike or the M1.
No one should ever have to go back to feel this, and no one should be set free from responsibility without having experienced the wonder of youth, that is criminal.
The time to enjoy your hormones is when you are young, not when (stastically speaking) your life is 2/3ds over.

Raise a glass of hell for me, will ya?


LUCKY said...


Anonymous said...

So sayeth the Un-Hipster.

Cap'n Cornhole said...

That wasn't your youth- that was one big bad afro experience.

Nads, it really wasn't that much fun. Think about it.


Your pal,

Barry said...

I'm with Cornhole on this one. I find I enjoy life more the older I get, and am able to (mostly) avoid the pitfalls of my youth. Mostly.

Nads said...

Y'all missed my point completely, I do enjoy life more now, I just wished I woulda been a little more liberal in slingin' my man meat around back then.

Anonymous said...


Cap'n Cornhole said...

I got your point loud and clear. I slung my man-meat and it really wasn't that much fun. Matter of fact, when I think of all the slug trails I cleaned up and all he crazy fucking asshole women who gave me shit- it sucked. Doncha remember what a bunch of fucking slags were all over the "scene"?? I went out tonight for the first time in years. They're still out there telling the same stories and playing the same fucking games. Be grateful for whatcha got, hombre.