Tuesday, October 27, 2009

More Pics of my Capri for Guy and Mr. Fubuloso

Bought in 1987 from the original owner for the princely sum of $550. Lost for a spell in my D-vorce then returned with a covering of mold in non-functional form. Sold new in Mouse Town by Paquette English Ford Line Dealer on Church Street and 441.


Nick said...

Is that what they call a donk?

Garage said...

I love your Capri :-)

take care

LUCKY said...

Fuck man that is tits!!! So lovin it!

Anonymous said...

4 lug Cragars are crazy donk status.

Capri335 said...

Nice Capri Nads, come and join the Facebook page, Consul Capri's and Classics worldwide.