Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The worst load of shit I ever done heard

Ok, I'm an old fat punk rocker myself but if I ever stoop this low I would hope that you would take me out with a front of my wife and kids. I've done plenty of things beneath contempt but Marky Ramone you have a lot to answer for, with this 'blitzkrieg' twaddle you're offering up.
I saw them at the Anti-Pop festival and they were just a third rate Ramones cover band with the dreadlocked twat from some incarnation of the equally shit Misfits being Joey.
Listen, I've seen the Ramones, twice, and there was only one of them, to try and rest on the laurels of that greatness is a sin worthy of having your wig ripped from your front of your wife and children.


Joseph said...

It was bad. But I was very drunk so it was probably even worse than I realized.

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember telling you before you went how horrible it would be. Throw up on your beer gut. It will make you feel better.