Monday, March 22, 2010

59 Olds Fiesta wagon

Poor thing, languishing in a junkyard not far away.
She's been there for years, she was $2000 10 years, and much less patina ago. Now she's $2400.......oh yeah, she "ran a couple of years ago" yeah, sure.
If someone is serious about saving her, I'll give you the location.


Garage said...

Hi Nads, please send me your adress and I'll send you some copy of lowride mag.

send me the adress at

take care and talk soon


Anonymous said...

Update, motherfucker, DAMN!!!

denis62 said...

Want this 59 Fiesta
My 60 Fiesta wants a buddy.
the "sickness is on for another one

any chance its still around(wherever it is)