Thursday, May 6, 2010

Shit filled car

Sorry, I've been away, getting a massage, I ain't got shit to say, I do nothing, I never go out, my bike's dead, I'm close to it myself, so why bother blogging?
No one gives a shit anyway, least of al, myself.
I spotted this trash filled KIA this morning on I-4, it was piloted by a sixty five-ish, dykey looking woman, it was filled to the brim with litter, not teddy bears, tools, things worth having, just garbage. There was only one spot open, that was for the driver.
Her bumper stickers said, "Tis a blessing to be Irish" "Simple Woman" and she had several Jesus fish too.
On this National Prayer Day I wonder if she was asking the Lord for the whereabouts of the trash heap in the sky?


Anonymous said...

She probably got that one on the buy one get one deal and decided it was cheaper than a new trashcan. We love you Nads and can't wait to see you.

=mike= said...

I care too nadly