Sunday, March 1, 2009

Life, death, race mixing, carboard boxes and Fiffi

This is Miles a few years back. Someone wiser than my sorry ass once said that everyone you know dies being the person they are at any given moment until the time they're actually dead. This particular version of Miles is no more, he still loves carboard boxes and blankets, but he no longer fits in those PJs and his pet cat toy, Fiffi, isn't an essential part of his day. I remeber these moments vividly but they aren't alive anymore, as much as I wish they were, they are gone.
Imagine if all of these were compartmentalized and available for review at any given moment, it would be nice but it would be surreally fucked up. Who could handle 10,000 moments of anyone? I couldn't handle 10,000 moments of my mother in law and now that she's dead I can't even have one, RIP, Patricia Melley 1932-2009, I'll love you forever.


Cap'n Cornhole said...

So sorry to hear about your loss. Condolences and kisses to AnneMarie and the rest of the klan.


Barry said...

I second that.

J-Rod said...

Very profound, and something that I see every time I look at pictures of my son, Jake from just a couple of months ago. The time passes by so fast.