Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This child molester was a rocking fool

Saw him live twice, once at the Leeds Futurama Festival in 1980, he headlined, kinda ironic since his music was deemed futuristic about 8 years earlier, he was hammy and oily.'I didn't know it was my birthday' 'I had no idea I was still this loved' he gushed and cooed insincerely beneath his huge wig.
He was supremely rock n roll with two drummers and eight guitarists. If it wasn't for him there woulda been no Sigue Sigue Sputnik, no Jonas Brothers or Ru Paul. Justin Timberlack can't pull off this stunt, no one can, this shit can't be sold on the the interknit, it has to be seen live in all its unctuous, paunchy, sweaty, lard dripping, boy cock staring glory.
Hail the real GG, Gary Glitter

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Cap'n Cornhole said...

Shits heatin up around here. Hell yeah.