Monday, March 23, 2009


You may find it hard to believe but there are some children in the world who have never experienced sheer, paralyzing terror, they have lived their entire short lives without feeling horror, night sweats, nightmares and trembling, mind-numbing fear.
To correct this imbalance in some unfortuanate young lives, (clockwise from bottom left) Sigmund, Dorf 1, Dorf 2 and Wilmer have gone on a selfless mission to bring all, and more of the above to needy children from Sri Lanka to Easter Island.
Once they leave the child's room, the smiles return to the cherub's faces, sometimes, perhaps years later in some cases, but the appreciation the truly terrified have of their smile's return cannot be underestimated.
These four are angels sent from God.

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Cap'n Cornhole said...

I thought Team Tightpussy was responsible for bringing smiles to children worldwide. Fakers.