Monday, March 30, 2009

Pornography wears a suit and is quite athletic

If only the tabacky and alkyhol companies could emulate the pornographers shown here and have their Basics Menthols and Olde English 800s chase down the impressionable little shits and force themselves upon them.
The other day I was passing some kids and they were running from something, I thought maybe it was a dog or a truant officer but it was actually old man pornography, all flat black and two dimensional with speed lines, hot on their tails, and when he catches up with them I'm sure he'll make them spend their lunch money on Playgirl and Barely Legal, perhaps entice them
with bargain $9.99 three packs. You know with porn it's always new to you, it's not like you're getting a five month old issue of New Economics, that's old hat, this is muff you haven't seen before, it's new.
So be on the lookout for this flat as a pancake ravager of our innocent children, draw a back hole in his path and he'll whoosh on down to the other side and go after Aborigine children in New Zealand.

PS, thank you Joe Japes for the image.

PPS, this HARMS WAY, is it a nightclub?

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Cap'n Cornhole said...

I nominate this for post of the year. Rules.