Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A mother's love is important

otherwise you end up doing things like this. The importance that a loving mother places on giving you an identity and a sense of belonging are essential, when you receive no such love as a child, get dropped on your head, drink leaded paint, get molested by clowns, have a scrotum sac left undecended or all of the above. you end up acting out in mid-life. You may even go to the extreme of putting multiple neon lights on a motorcycle.
Thank you mom for saving me from such foolishness.
You'll never know how much I'm missing you right now. Your love surrounds me, thank you for making me a man instead of a puss.

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Cap'n Cornhole said...

Brilliant and well supported hypothesis. Please give us a psychological study regarding the inexplicable popularity of the hypercharger.